Following the steps below will provide the best possible chance of you being able to make a successful claim. If you have not followed all the steps listed, don’t worry. Simply speak to one of our advisers and they will tell you what to do next.

Report the incident

Contact the food operator, management or appropriate authorities by telephone and explain the incident. Do this as soon as possible after the incident and make sure you follow this up by email.

Take photos

Use your camera or phone to record pictures or video of anything that will support your claim. Even to the point of photographing diarrhoea in the toilet or on clothes. With allergic reactions, try to record how the events unfolded.

Retain important information

Keep hold of all receipts from the food outlet.

GP appointment

If your illness or symptoms persist, it would be advisable to see your GP. This is to eliminate any complications of food poisoning that may require treatment, such as the following:
– Post-infective irrtable bowel syndrome (IBS).
– Parasitic infections.
– Persisting bacterial infection.
– Invasive Salmonella, which can cause joint inflammation.

For allergen cases, try to note the names of any emergency staff and treatments given.

Medical evidence is seen as proof of illness, but not everyone needs to seek medical attention. In the interest of not taking up valuable GP time, recommends avoiding a GP visit if you have made a complete recovery from your illness.

Contact us

We will organise for a detailed report to be taken and handle everything going forward.

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